15 Ideas for Using Granite and Marble Decor in Your Home

When most people think of granite and marble, we think of countertops. But your kitchen and bathroom counters aren't the only places you can decorate your home with gorgeous solid stone. While we often talk about countertop design, today, we're exploring in a different direction. What other ways can you use granite and marble to make your home more elegant, luxurious, and functional? Explore with us the possibilities of installing large and small granite or marble throughout the home to create a theme of timeless sophistication in every room.

1. Desk with built-in stone table

Home offices and desks top the list of home improvement projects this year thanks to an unprecedented surge in remote work. One of the most elegant things to do with a home office is to create a built-in desk, perhaps an L-shaped desk, that takes up an entire nook in a spacious work space. Featuring dark dark hardwood and premium carpentry, the built-in desk is ideal with a granite or marble top cut to size.

2. Half walls covered with granite or marble

Many homes have elegant half walls that separate the entrance from the living room, or the kitchen from the breakfast nook. These half walls usually have a simple painted wooden cap, but they don't have to be simple. Add a timeless texture to your half wall and make these architectural features an unforgettable accent with a granite or marble cap. Create a cool surface to lean on and take in the beautiful scenery every time you walk in the door.

3. Granite Laundry Counters

Your laundry room is another ideal countertop, one that is rarely talked about when discussing granite or marble. But who wouldn't want to do laundry in a beautiful place without folding a wide surface on top of it? Whether you already have a laundry counter or have decided to build one, granite is an excellent choice for making your laundry a beautiful (and practical) part of your home design, almost indestructible.

4. Stone Mantel Cover and Surroundings

A fireplace is a classic place to install more granite or marble to decorate your kitchen countertops and other features. Wrap the perimeter of the fireplace with a marble-like look of marble or a classic look of granite. Not only can you surround your fireplace with stone, but you can also build yourself a beautiful fireplace mantle on which to place family photos or a favorite sculpture.

5. Marble top bar

Does your home have a built-in bar? Or building a bar? Instead of a wooden bar, cover it with solid marble or granite. With premium stone countertops, you can easily mix drinks or prepare snacks in your own bar. If you already have granite or marble countertops in the kitchen, expand on that style and even contrast it with another color of stone mirrored in the bar design.

6. Solid marble vanity top

In many master suites and walk-in closets, a vanity is a luxury. It's a great thing for individuals to have a great place to prepare every day or relax every night. Marble vanity tops create a relaxed luxury feel. Feel the cool stone under your forearm as you lean over to check the look in the mirror and discover how lovely it is when you put your personal items on the beautiful stone.

7. Cold Stone Service Plate

For smaller marble or granite, you can decorate your home and make the event sophisticated with a stone dinner plate. While granite and marble shouldn't be used for cutting, there's nothing more appealing than a dinner plate with a lovely polished stone to support your delicious hors d'oeuvres. Chill the plate first, then place a delightful cold plate on it to keep snacks cool on it.

8. Granite or marble windowsills

Want to truly wow your guests with elegant home design? Try installing thin strips of granite or marble on each windowsill. Wood and painted window sills are slowly damaged by moisture and use, but stone can last for decades. Marble or granite window sills never require a fresh coat of paint or protection from outdoor moisture and are an incredible, subtle accent to any classic-style home interior.

9. Stone basin and shower room

Don't forget your bathroom fence. Your shower and tub covers are the perfect place to line your walls with creamed marble or polished granite. Every time you shower and complete your bathroom design, treat yourself to cool, smooth stone—reflecting stone from bathroom countertops or inspiring new sink designs.

10. Granite or marble shower seat

You don't have to stay on the fence. If you've always dreamed of having a bathtub for relaxation and hot water well-being, then granite or marble can also be the perfect bathtub. Enjoy the feeling of the icy stone touching your skin, and you can choose to kick back as the warm water washes over your body.

11. Granite Outdoor Kitchen Surfaces

Granite is the second most durable stone in the world after diamond, so it's perfect for your outdoor kitchen. If you're designing or upgrading your backyard cooking space, you can extend the stone countertop design to your outdoor kitchen as well. Extend the life of a built-in grill to an adjacent countertop, or design a fully functional kitchen on your patio that will be the envy of every neighbor.

12. Built-in stone shelf

Thin slices of granite or marble can even be installed as memorable built-in bookshelves. Built-in bookshelves always add a classic and timeless touch to home design, and you don't have to settle for wood. Once the shelves are framed, use granite or marble in the colour of your choice to design the perfect combination of useful decor and beautiful storage.

13. Flat or tile backsplash

Want to use granite in a new way? Another use for marble or granite is as a backsplash anywhere running water or cooked food. You can cover your walls in beautiful slabs or use matching stone to perfectly decorate your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

14. Granite Dining Table or Coffee Table

A fantastic use for granite outside the kitchen is to create a custom dining table. Granite is durable enough to stand up to years of home use, not just for meals. Sturdy stones will make gatherings around, shared mealtimes, homework times and family game nights look and feel great. You can use a similar slab design to create a granite or marble core coffee table to bring the solidity of the stone into your living room ottoman.

15. Granite or marble lined sink basin

You can also line your vanity with granite or marble. With custom cut pieces that fit together perfectly, your sink can be as beautiful as your countertop. You might like to choose a contrasting stone color to really make a granite or marble sink stand out in an interior design.


15 Ideas for Using Granite and Marble Decor in Your Home

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