Different Kinds of Marble Bathtubs

The bathtub is used when we take a bath. As people's living standards become higher and higher, the requirements for the quality of life will become higher and higher, so how should we identify the choice of bathtub materials?



Acrylic bathtub is one of the mainstream products on the market at present. It has the advantages of high surface finish, large room for model selection, long service life and moderate price.

The disadvantage is that acrylic bathtubs with poor high temperature resistance, poor pressure resistance and slightly poor quality are more prone to discoloration and scratches after a period of use.


The price of steel bathtub is generally relatively cheap and has obvious advantages in high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and other indicators. The texture of steel bathtub is relatively hard, so it also has a good performance in terms of durability. It is a kind of product with high cost performance.


Ceramic bathtubs are undoubtedly made of ceramics because they are particularly bulky, wasteful and fragile. They have been gradually replaced by acrylic bathtubs. It is understood that they are on the road to elimination.



Although wooden bathtubs were produced earlier, they have only become popular in recent years. Good thermal insulation and environmental protection and low prices are the biggest selling points of wooden bathtubs.



However, compared with other types of bathtubs, wooden bathtubs are easily deformed and require more careful daily cleaning and maintenance.



Cast iron bathtub is the most expensive product in bathtubs. It has the characteristics of high surface finish, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, and durability. However, cast iron bathtubs also have the disadvantages of relatively single shape and relatively bulky



Different Kinds of Marble Bathtubs

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