How to Clean a Stained Marble Bathtub

Marble is an important decorative stone, but because there are many pores on the surface of marble, if the surface is stained and not treated in time, it will be easily stained with stains in the later stage, and it will be more troublesome to clean. The marble is stained, how can I wash it off?

How to Clean a Stained Marble Bathtub

1. How to Clean a Stained Marble Bathtub

1. You can choose a professional marble cleaning agent for cleaning, because it can effectively penetrate the surface of the marble, so as to remove the stains or macular marks left by tea, coffee, etc., and will not corrode the marble surface, and also Able to restore luster.

2. The specific method is to first remove the dirt on the marble surface, then dilute the marble cleaning agent with water, and pour it into the watering can. Spray directly on the surface of the marble, then cover the surface with a paper towel, spray some cleaning agent, and make it completely soaked.

3. Finally, attach the plastic wrap to the surface, wait for a day or so, then remove all the plastic wrap and the covering paper on it, and finally wipe it with water several times, it can effectively remove the stained part of the marble surface, and it will not be damaged. The luster of the marble will be damaged.


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